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Kockumation Group markets and designs high-quality niche products revolving around our core knowledge in software automation, acoustics and mechatronics. The group focuses on meeting demanding needs in the world wide marine and industrial markets with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to add value to your onboard operation. www.kockumation.se

Kockumation Group, Kockum Sonics logo, Polarmarine logo, Texon logoKockum Sonics built up an outstanding knowledge base and is always keen on new innovations. The marine product lines consists of ship automation, loading computer, level gauging, ship whistle system and on board boiler sonic cleaning method.

Polarmarine has since the beginning developed tank cleaning machines for all type of vessels with the onboard operation in focus. Polarmarine can supply the ship owner a complete product range including full cleaning pattern but with a reduced time cycle and less slop.

Provides turn-key LNGC automation solution packages. Combustion control system, burner management as well as boil off gas control is core knowledge. Texon Automation has over 30 years experience in newbuildings and retrofit projects.


Kockumation is the home of loading computers

There is no other company in the world that can come close to the experience within Kockumation. The loading computer business started within Kockum Sonics back in 1990 with the program LoadRite. In the year 2001 Kockum Sonics acquired Loadmaster International and the program LOADMASTER was added. In a couple of years the two programs were merged and we introduced the LOADMASTER X5 on the market. The LOADMASTER X5 became a great success and Kockum Sonics strengthened its position on the loading computer arena.

Kockum Sonics made thousands of deliveries around the globe covering all kinds of vessels. Even though we improved the market share we have no intentions in reducing the efforts in constantly pushing forward. In 2014 Kockumation finalized the take over of Danish MARINE ALIGNMENT and we could present the loading computer Easeacon as a part of our scope. MARINE ALIGNMENT has proven to be a reliable partner for more than 30 years. MARINE ALIGNMENT is specialized in RoRo, General Cargo, Bulk and Container programs. A skill that fitted very well into the Kockumation organization.

In 2015 Kockumation started negotiations with IBM regarding their product LOADSTAR. Kockumation was very pleased to announce the take over of the intellectual property of LOADSTAR in early 2016. LOADSTAR is extremely specialized in the container business and have the biggest container ship owner in the world as a major client.

As per now Kockumation is the most experienced loading computer manufacturer. We have built up a unique network of customers, service stations and agents. Deliveries take place every day to destinations around the globe.


Kockumation a unique supplier

Today we have passed 10,000 deliveries. This means that we have a in house database of ship knowledge that is unparallel to any competition. Customer that retrofit their vessels with a new LOADMASTER very often can benefit of the Kockumation ship archive. We have ship data prepared for production and delivery time can be kept to a minimum.

As Kockumation has grown we have been able to employ more personnel. The loading computer department is most likely the biggest organization of its kind. We offer specialized naval architects working together with senior programmers in order to satisfy any customer needs.







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