Lamers High Tech Systems B.V.


Lamers High Tech Systems, a leading supplier in the semiconductor, PV solar, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and other technology driven markets for over 25 years.
The company has grown from a pure “built to print” company, to a partner for jointly solving gas and liquid supply and exhaust/drainage issues.
It is our mission to bring ultra-high purity fluid handling, conditioning, and delivery solutions to our customers which minimize the total cost of ownership while maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability.
Lamers High Tech Systems B.V. is headquartered in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and has an additional production site in Kerkrade. Both facilities have certified orbital stainless steel welding, plastic welding, and assembly in cleanrooms up to class 10 for high purity manufacturing.
The installation teams have the capabilities to do turnkey installation of complete infrastructures. These services include: Gases, Chemical and Power supply systems, Cooling, Demi or process water systems, gas exhaust and scrubbing systems, drainage and waste water treatment systems. The installations and piping systems are qualified and validated after installation and tested by our in house team that have dedicated equipment depending on the customers specifications.
In addition, Lamers HTS provides R&D, design engineering, and global installation and commissioning services to ensure our customers systems start-up in the most efficient and productive manner. The development process is set up for different type of projects, ranging from an uptime improvement of an existing tool to a complex system for the space and aviation industry. Validation and testing is an integral part of the design roadmap, where after each phase predefined criteria have to be met before proceeding to the next step.
Our testing capabilities include Helium leak test, Humidity measurement, Particle measurement, THC (Total Hydrocarbon) measurement, TOC (Total Organic Contamination), RGA (Residual Gas Analysis) using a vacuum chamber.

De Vlotkampweg 38, PO Box 46,6500 AA Nijmegen The Netherlands
+31 243 716 777