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LF Ventilation is a total supplier of marine and industrial ventilation.

LF VentilationLF is a company with a lot of expertise in maritime and industrial ventilation. LF´s specialty is consulting and turnkey solutions for new construction and conversion of ships.

LF Ventilation was founded in 1992, and has ever since had the agency of Witt & Sohn fans. One of Germany’s leading industrial fan factories.

In 1999, LF expanded by the Agency at Carrier Transicold refrigeration systems for ships. LF is because of this, able to provide total solutions for the yards.

LF Ventilation has many years of experience in various assignments within ship ventilation, power plant, industry and food industry. LF has solved many special assignments; this makes us able to give the most optimal solution for the customer, both technically and operationally, fulfilling all modern requirements.

Today LF count almost all the Danish shipyards as our clients, and some foreign shipyards all around the world. LF have delivered solutions from the smallest tug/surveillance ships, live stock carriers, navy ships to the largest container ships. Solution in all sizes.

LF VentilationHeating Ventilation Air Conditioning

LF also provides you with all the spare parts, needed for HVAC systems.

The space for ventilation on ships, is often very small, LF is specialized in building components, designed for the most confined space.

Another specialty is energy optimization of existing installations. LF´s experience is that it is possible to save up to 80% of operating costs on mechanical ventilation, and the investment is repaid after approximately 2 years.

Within the industry, it has mostly been the boiler and engine builders who have had LF’s interest. But in collaboration with major Danish engineering firms, LF have had a number of tasks at power plants.

On RO-RO ferries, LF has delivered silenced tunnel fans for longitudinal ventilation of the car decks.

LF can help you with the most complicated task concerning your HVAC system.

LF Ventilation

LF Ventilation A/S
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