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Our Temporary Accommodation Camps are easily moved by boat, train or trucks around the world. The Camps also have the flexibility to be increased or decreased in size to meet the changing requirements of our customers. The Malthus Accommodation Solution can be delivered fully furnished and fulfills all local requirements.

Solutions that works
Our modular buildings are equally well suited for housing people for short or long periods. The range of standard modules offers flexibility, and Malthus is known for delivering on schedule and budget.

Malthus has many years of experience in assembling a wide range of different solutions for satisfied customers. Among our references you will find Norsk Hydro, Forsvarsbygg, Norsk Helikopter, Aker Kværner, Statoil, NCC Constructions and many more.

Functional accomodation
A camp includes more than just the buildings. We are also happy to coordinate all of the players involved – such as catering, recreations, operations, cooking teams, external catering, or anything else that might be required. For all sized camps we analyze the customers’ requirements in order to find the optimal solution.

Malthus is the largest player in the field for renting out accommodation camps in Norway. We can take overall responsibility for the project; from planning and delivery to removing the modules when the project is finished.

For more information, please visit our website or give us a call at +47 51 63 50 00

In the camp, each resident has his/her own toilet and bathroom.

Workers at the Ormen Lange construction site really enjoyed this sports hall.

We are known for supplying well-functioning canteens, like here at Mongstad, Norway.

Bright and functional reception area at all Malthus camp hotels.

Malthus AS
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