Mapei AS


Mapei test center for spray concrete

Mapei is one of few companies who has taken the lead in developing alkali-free accelerators for spayed concrete. This work has developed from laboratory testing to spayed concrete production as we know it today.

In June 2011, Mapei opened an test center for sprayed concrete (STC). The center is outstanding of its kind and is built on an abandoned sawmill near the factory at Sagstua in Nord-Odal.

At the test center sprayed concrete is produced to current standards and Mapei has its own spraying robot with the same capacity as modern spray rigs around the world. The test center is mainly used for testing and development of their own products, but is also a venue for cooperation with other companies. STC is open to customers and partners from all around the world.

Vallsetvegen 6 2120 Sagstua, Norway
+47 62 97 20 00