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MARS Armor Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of individual ballistic and stab protection solutions for civilian, law enforcement, naval and military personnel for governments all over the world. The company uses high quality ballistic materials, including aramid, polyethylene, glass fibers, ceramics, steel and hybrids, to produce reliable lightweight and innovative products. MARS Armor’s own in-house ballistic laboratory allows conducting extensive ballistic testing on the used materials as well as the finished products, to confirm they meet the demanding industry standards of this sensitive application.

MARS Armor produces a wide range of ballistic and stab protection equipment – ballistic armors, shields, hard armor plates, helmets and demining suits.
The company focuses its resources to provide high quality reliable ballistic and stab protection solutions, customized to meet specific and sophisticated customer demands.
Customized ballistic solutions meeting the latest international standards.
Produced in a environment monitored with an integrated quality control system.
Certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and AQAP 2110
As of February 2017, MARS Armor exports production for over 45 countries. 
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MARS Armor produces a complete range of hard armor products such as bulletproof plates, ballistic resistant shields and concealed foldable briefcases providing protection according to NIJ levels IIIA, III, III+, III++ and IV. The dimensions and the accessories, as well as the shapes are fully customizable. The materials used are high performance polyethylene (Dyneema®) or Aramid (Kevlar®) fibers fully integrated with durable ceramics.

The company offers also a wide variety of bullet and fragment resistant helmets with high ballistic performance and low weight. Available shapes are PASGT, MICH, NATO and FRITZ (European). Ballistic protection levels are customizable to up to IIIA NIJ and fragmentation resistance V50 from 500 m/s up to 750 m/s according to STANAG 2920


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The company produces a full range of designs for covert, overt, law enforcement, naval and military usage. MARS Armor’s designs combine ergonomic shapes with low weight and increased protection areas. All models are fully customizable and could be upgraded with additional peripheral add-ons as well as hard armor inserts. All products are tested and certified to comply with all international ballistic resistance standards and ready to meet even the most complicated customer requirements. MARS Armor offers a full range of tactical ballistic and stab

protective vests with extremely high and reliable ballistic protection. Optional peripheral protection can be added for many of the models: neck, throat, shoulders, biceps, coccyx and groin. Every tactical or military body armor could be upgraded with hard armor plates/inserts to the front, back, sides and groin. They can also be manufactured with quick release systems and special improved designs with increased protection surfaces. The fabrics, colors and camo patterns are fully customizable as per clients’ requirements.

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