Materialhåndtering AS

Materialhåndtering ASNorwegian-based Materialhåndtering AS is a private limited company founded in 1979. The concept that prompted formation of this materials handling firm was and remains the provision of specialty forklift trucks and explosion-rated transport machinery for a range of special purposes.

Through our agency franchise with Sichelschmidt in Germany we can offer a range of products from this manufacturer that embody rational and unconventional solutions for materials handling.

Sichelschmidt is a family enterprise dating back to 1914 whose involvement in transport machinery started in 1931.

Today some 300 employees manufacture about 1200 lift-trucks each year.

We can offer a range of flameproof forklift trucks for Zone I (category 2) applications from Sichelschmidt. All machines are ATEX/PTB sertificated. The series includes everything from small stackers to counterbalanse trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle pickers. Lifting capacities from 1000 to 4000 kg.

In recent years we have also developed Zone II (category 3) electric trucks at competitive prices based on ATEX/TUV standards. These machines are built to a modular system allowing us to offer great flexibility in adapting to and meeting customer needs. All products from Sichelschmidt are constructed from the bottom up to satisfy the latest regulatory stand-ards, including EU and international codes.

Materialhåndtering also markets landbased specialty trucks, including sideloaders and four-way trucks from Irion, terrain four-way diesel trucks from Combi-Lift.

Lifting capacity 1.000-12.000 kg.

Delivery program:
Four-way trucks and side-loaders
Reach and truck-mounted forklift
Ex-rated trucks, tractors and trolleys

Materialhåndtering AS
P.O. Box 106, NO-1309 Rud
+47 6718 6700