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Merser supplies leading makes of freshwater generators with pumps. In more than 60 years we have manufactured over 45.000 pumps for applications like freshwater generators, air conditioning and seawater cooling systems.

Merser has supplied 25.000 OEM ejector pumps, freshwater pumps and ejectors alone for Nirex / Alfa Laval, Atlas Denmark, Sondex and Sasakura. Besides that Merser produces a wide range of spare parts for freshwater generators, like: titanium plates, evaporator / condenser sections, valves, gaskets, zink anodes, pump spares etc. as a serious replacement possibility for the aftermarket. If you have a freshwater generator, of one of above makes, installed on your fleet of vessels, then we are able to reduce your maintenance / service costs with more than 40%.

We have nearly all pumps and parts for most common types of freshwater generators in our stock and can meet nearly every demand within 24 hours – everywhere in the world. Our pumps are designed and produced according to international standards and regulations, with our customers demand in focus. All our pumps are today 3-D designed in SolidWorks and optimized with flow simulation before production. All pumps and parts are manufactured in our factory here in Denmark. This secures a high quality product with the best performance and a long life time.

24 hour supplies of pumps and spares for freshwater generators:

– Ejectorpumps
– F.W. Pumps
– Combined brine/Air ejectors
– Titanium plates w/Gaskets
– Titanium evaporator/Condenser plate packs
– Constant pressure valves for feedwater
– Demister
– Zink anodes
– Salinometers
– plate gaskets

Merser Pumps office24 hour supplies of standard bronze sea water pumps:
We understand the problems a pump failure can cause and as a result we have decided to have a replacement pump program ready for immediate dispatch. We have bronze, vertical pumps from our BV range, covering capacities from 7 m3/h to over 200 m3/h at heads up to 65 m, complete with motor, ready for immediate shipment.

– Bronze pump and motor
– Makers certication
– Class certication on request

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