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MMC ballast water management system

The MMC BWMS is based on an environmental friendly particle filtration and ultraviolet (UV) treatment. It features a small footprint with the possibility of modular assembly, and is suited perfectly for new buildings as well as for retrofit. MMC Green Technology claims that this system has the smallest footprint on the market for small and medium-size vessels.

It can be delivered as separate components or as tailormade skids, with flow rates between 50m³/h to 1,400m³/h. The power consumption is rated at about 15kW at a maximum flow rate of 150m³/h. The UV lamp is designed to provide a guaranteed, fully effective life-time of 1,000 hours on maximum power, equal to approximately five years, on offshore platform supply vessels (PSV). However, practice has proven that the device has a significantly longer lifespan.

The system can be controlled locally or remotely using monitoring screens. It can easily be integrated into existing systems of vessels, such as the IAS, and can be considered fully automatic.

An automatic flushing with freshwater follows the ballast water treatment operation. This is to prevent corrosion and provide an osmotic shock to organisms still in the system.

The whole operation avoids the application of any chemicals or discharging into bilges. It provides safety to the crew and a swift operation, without creating repeating costs or requiring dangerous chemicals to be stored onboard.

Since the system was made commercial available in 2013, close to 100 MMC units have been installed on seagoing vessels and are operating successfully worldwide. MMC Green Technology can therefore be considered a wellestablished manufacturer for the market.


The DNV-GL-approved MMC system has a USCG Acceptance Letter (USCG AMS) and successfully completed pretests according to MPN and CMFDA of the USCG requirements. The intention is to achieve the final USCG Type Approval, to be granted in 2017 / 2018.

Why you should choose MMC BWMS

• DNV type-approved and USCG ASM-accepted
• Very small footprint
• Easy installation
• User-friendly
• Easy to maintain
• Low energy consumption
(approximately 15 kW at maximum load)
• Low cost of operation
• Reliable and dedicated service (talk to the expert)
• Available ready-made or as single components
• No use of chemicals
• No drain water to bilge
• Can be integrated into existing automation systems (IAS)
• Latest UV technology



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