MMT – marine mapping technology
MMT is a marine survey company offering cost-efficient marine survey services to the renewable energy, marine cable, oil and gas and hydrographic industries. We collect, process and visualize the conditions of the seabed and the targets on it and provide the offshore industry with hydrographic, geophysical, geotechnical and environmental
data and reports. All delivered with unsurpassed resolution and performance.
Innovations and competence have provided sustained business growth for over 40 years, always with strong focus on reliability, safety and delivery. An increased expansion of offshore installations has required a new and innovative approach to UXO detection and clearance. As part of the risk assessment for submarine installations, we provide high end detection, verification, excavation and clearance services for UXO’s.

With our latest edition of the world’s fastest remotely operated vehicle, called Surveyor Interceptor, we pride ourselves with revolutionary mapping technology and high resolution, which provide the offshore industry with cost-efficient marine survey solutions.

MMT´s services:
• Pipeline/cable route surveys
• Pipeline/cable inspection surveys
• Pre and post lay surveys
• UXO surveys
• Cathodic protection
• Environmental surveys
• DOB surveys
• Geophysical site investigations
• Geotechnical investigations
• Hydrographic surveys

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