You need long experience to handle challenging conditions. Multiconsult has outstanding experience and expertise in relation to development projects in the Arctic region. Multiconsult has been involved in projects related to the oil and gas industry since Ekofisk started in the 1970’s. Since then, we have developed leading expertise in on- and offshore projects.

Multiconsult has outstanding experience and expertise in relation to development projects in the Arctic region. We have experience from some of the most important projects ever carried out in the north.

The Arctic climate poses unique challenges that push the boundaries of what is actually possible. Compared withother areas, experience in this region is limited, and new knowledge generated by research and development is crucial to the construction of reliable and safe structures.

Multiconsult has over the last 25 years been involved in the development of all the onshore oil and gas terminals and plants in Norway, including the LNG plant for the Snøhvit field and the gas receiving plant for the Ormen Lange field.

The Snøhvit onshore facility is one of the most important reference projects for onshore facilities in cold climates with limited infrastructure and difficult access. Multiconsult was responsible for planning the complete infrastructure for this facility. This unique experience is important in the planning of the forthcoming development of the onshore facility for the Barents Sea.

Multiconsult has a 40 years track record within development and engineering of offshore structures, comprising both fixed and floating structures, including the  development of concrete platforms in the Sakhalin-I and Sakhalin-II development.

Multiconsult and its partners offer design and engineering of concrete substructures and selected topside structures of steel and aluminium, in addition to marine foundation design worldwide. Multiconsult has been engaged in the design of all concrete platforms delivered by Kvaerner after 1990 based on own in-house design software.

Multiconsult oil & gas services
• Infrastructure and area planning
• Site preparation
• Temporary facilities / camp
• Jetties and harbour facilities
• Caverns and tunnels
• Administration and service buildings
• Foundations and concrete structures
• Steel structures
• Process and electrical buildings
• Seawater system with intake and outlet
• Underground water systems
• Sewage and outlet to sea
• Trenches and culverts
• High voltage electrical supply
• Shore protection / breakwaters

All disciplines are available with experience from early project phases to commissioning inclusive engineering and construction management.

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