Noble Installation AS

Founded in the year 2000, Noble Installation is now a very well established company located in brand new facilities at Rudskogen Næringspark.


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Noble Installation AS has three core business areas:
-offshore installation
-marine operations
-mechanical engineering and manufacturing

All areas being very important, and giving many synergies. We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified for for all three business areas, as well as ISO 3834-2 for welding activities.

Participated in world wide marine operations for more than a decade and offshore installation since day one, we have accumulated half a million offshore man hours. This huge experience gives us the best possibilities to perform complicated offshore oper-ations. We offer our highly skilled and trained per-sonnel, as well as fully equipped DnV 2.7-1 tool and rigging containers

Our top modern workshop (1000 + 750 m2) is equipped with new state of the art machines for welding, cutting, plate- and pipe work. Currently we hold close to 50 approved welding procedures (WPQR’s) for the following materials:

-carbon steel
-AISI 304
-AISI 321
-AISI 316 (L)
-AISI 904
-Duplex / superduplex
-Inconell 625
-Alloy 800
-AISI 4130

With our 3D water jet, we can cut up to 300mm plates in all materials.

Together with our machining partners, we can offer advanced turn key projects within mechanical manufacturing.
Our specialities:
-subsea equipment
-drilling/mud handling equipment
-equipment for offshore cable handling operations -special equipment for repairs and ectended life of gas turbine exhaust systems

We are looking forward to the future….


Rudskogen Næringspark NO-1890 Rakkestad
+47 69 22 80 80