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…from point of injury and all the way back to homeland hospital


NODIN Aviation AS is a Norwegian company specialized in developing innovative MEDEVAC solutions. We dedicate ourselves to find the best possible solution to the customer’s need of CASEVAC and MEDEVAC equipment and concepts. NODIN has, since the establishment in 1998, developed a

range of unique products for medical evacuation of patients in war and disasters. Our goal is to create and maintain a strong patient evacuation chain. We focus on developing first response capability to get patients under proper treatment within minutes.


NODIN Field Stretcher
(NATO Stock No: NSN-6530-25-160-2914)
To facilitate transporting patient throughout the chain of evacuation NODIN has developed the NODIN Medevac Stretcher which is designed according to NATO STANAG 2040 and STANAG 3204 and CE-Certificate 93/42/EEC-98/79/EEC.

The Stretcher is four folded and has telescopic handles to reduce storage volume. It is designed with pinch free hinges, six positions for IV-Pole attachment and equipped with a 7 point harness to improve the comfort for the patient and the safety of the rescue people. The stretcher can withstand 10g crash load in all directions.


For all type of platforms: Air Land Sea

The NODIN Medevac Stretcher combined with the Shock and Vibration Damped Stretcher Suspension System will…
• enable continued transport of patients throughout the chain of evacuation
• simplify stretcher logistics
• increase Forward Evacuation (CASEVAC) capacity dramatically
• increase patient comfort
• reduce transport induced pain and stress
• improve inter operability with NATO Stanag 2040 compatible nation/vehicle/vessels/equipment


With preinstalled anchoring points the system can be operational and two or three stretcher patients loaded within 2 minutes.
• No tooling needed.
• Individually and spherical damped.
• Modular system, 1 or multiple stretcher positions.
• Role equipment – erected when needed.
• Shock dampening effect has been simulated: input 440g at 0,31msec, residual shock 3,9g in stretcher handles.

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