Nogva Motorfabrikk AS

NOGVA – 100 years of advances
Nogva is a leading supplier of specialised propulsion and marine auxiliary systems in Northern Europe. We have a proud history of continuous innovation and progress ever since the first semi- diesel engine was produced in 1913. From being the local «village-smith», we have moved to become an international technology enterprise yet still with an inherent focus on quality and innovation.


NOGVA – A global partner
We have always been close to our customers and the primary users. It has been natural for us to listen to their needs and wishes as part of our innovation processes.

In the middle of a large maritime cluster, we have been able to «follow» the customer out on the banks, and quickly understand what is demanded from engine systems when operating under harsh conditions.

Although we established ourselves by serving the local fishing fleets, we are now an authorised and reliable partner for both offshore and supply, the aquaculture industry, as well as other commercial vessel types. Many fleets are today operating on a global scale, and they orient themselves 360 degrees for deliveres to the value chain, and we intend to follow our customers wherever they choose to operate or steam.

NOGVA – A reliable and trusted partner
One of our core values at Nogva is trust. To be a trusted partner to the customer is a merit we always strive to achieve. We can only deserve the customer`s trust by going the extra mile and by taking our obligations seriously.

NOGVA – A leading quality player
At Nogva we aim at a market leading quality level on service and support, as well as having a market leading delivery rate for engines, spare parts and service orders. This is reflected in the way we run our business:

1. Nogva delivers complete solutions, modified and tested
• Leads to faster delivery time
• One point of contact will ease planning and follow up

2. Nogva keeps in-house storage of spare parts and base engines
• Fast reaction when service is needed
• Ensures the right parts are ordered the first time

The way we run our business can reduce the operational downtime for your vessel, and will contribute to reduced risk in the project. What is more, Nogva will be here not only today but also tomorrow. Through 100 years of continuous advances, we can guarantee a healthy and secure partner for long-term relationships, a fast and reliable service partner, and a contributor to faster pay-back on your investments.


Nogva Motorfabrikk AS
NO-6280 Søvik
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