Norner AS


Norner2Norner AS is an independent plastics institute and laboratory with outstanding industrial experience. The company builds on its high level of expertise in plastics and polymers and offers R&D and testing services to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Norner’s more than 50 material technologists and polymer chemists work in modern laboratories including advanced test facilities and process pilots, fully ISO 9001 approved and Achilles qualified.

Norner has one of Europe’s most comprehensive independent test and development centres for polymers and cooperates with a network of partners. Our experts are internationally respected in the industry for their competence, global experience and industrial network. Our advanced laboratories are equipped with a wide range of plastics processing machinery, material and physical testing as well as advanced chemical and polymer analytic equipments. Our plastics technology centre was established in the 1970s and is located in Telemark in the south of Norway with convenient international communication.

Industrial research projects
Product developments and improvements
Product performance testing and verification
Material development and recipe improvements
Advanced failure analyses and material state and failure
Quality improvement and trouble shooting
Maintenance support in material state and failure
Supplier qualification and specification
Develop product specification and test scheme
Material evaluation and selection
Durable and light weight material solutions
Tailor made seminars and training

We can offer
• Material testing and verification
• High pressure and high temperature testing
• Quality evaluation
• Coating development
• Design development
• Standardization
• Durability and climate testing
• Failure analysis
• Fatigue testing
• Norsok M-501 testing
• 7C/HTCD testing
• Norsok M-710 testing
• ISO 12736
• ISO 23936-1 testing


Asdalstrand 291, NO-3962 Stathelle
+47 35 57 80 00