Ølen Betong AS

Concrete solutions for the oil and gas industry has been one of our main areas of commitment for more than 40 years. Mobile concrete mixing plants that can be set up on or near construction sites provide optimal conditions for the delivery of ready-mixed concrete.

Our main markets are on-and offshore installations and constructions, transportation projects, houses, and municipal water and sewage developments.

Some of our projects: The Statoil Kårstø processing plant; The Statoil Mongstad Refinery; The Ekofisk Protective Barrier; The YME MOPUstor Tank; The Troll Oil-floater Platform; The Snøhvit LNG Development in Hammerfest, and a wide range of tunnels, bridges and infrastructure systems.

Ølen Betong

Concrete Solutions on and offshore

Nationwide and International

Through its various branches and subsidiaries, Ølen Betong operates concrete mixing plants for construction sites all over Norway. Our plant in Murmansk (Russia)  is a major supplier of concrete solutions for oil and gas projects and construction sites in Russia.

Research and Logistics are our Prerequisites

Ølen Betong operates a large fleet of special vehicles for the transporting and pumping of concrete. Close cooperation with the oil industry has led to some exciting projects for the company involving on-site concrete production, the use of concrete mixing plants offshore and in the Barents region. Research and development have made the company a leader in its field.

Ready-Mixed Concrete:

We operate over 20 different stationary and mobile mixing plants that are approved for supplying all types of ready-mixed concrete. Each plant comes complete with laboratory, workshop, control system, raw material silos and office. Experienced staffs cater for rigging, operation and documentation.

Concrete Products:

A nationwide supplier of complete concrete sewer and drainage systems, as well as cable ducts, cable pulling chambers, blocks and paving stones

Tunnel Linings / Elements:

With a production capacity of 1600 square meters of tunnel linings per day, we have grown to become the largest manufacturer in Northern Europe, specialized for the production of elements that improve safety in road and rail tunnels.  Our plants also produce a wide range of custom-designed element solutions for buildings and construction purposes.

Ølen Betong AS
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