Otech Marine Services AS

We have always believed that nothing is impossible – it simply requires better planning. In this philosophy lies the foundation of our business. Engineering challenges and advanced surface diving operations is what drives us forward. Together with a health and safety mindset, enthusiasm and inspiring people we are…



Why Otech?
Otech provides a competitive choice for quick response, inspections, repair and routine maintenance work as well as large turn key projects involving engineering and complex subsea operations. Thru our network and locations in strategic ports worldwide we are able to provide efficient solutions for our customers – all in one phone call.

Protecting our most important assets… People & Environment
Delivery of quality work goes hand in hand with caring for both. In our team we value each individual for their knowledge and competence. The diversity of our personnel makes it possible to create innovative solutions and improve our effect on the environment. For us the future is important and we shall contribute to make it better.

It has always been Otech´s focus to maintain the highest standard of equipment for our operations. We own and operate containerized dive systems for both Air/Nitrox built in accordance with IMCA regulations for offshore diving as well as applicable standards such as DNV Rules of Classification of Ships. Our equipment is designed to maximize the potential for efficiency in our diving operations as well as maintaining ergonomic, safe and durable solutions in operations.
When operating in the North Sea we use a hot water system. This is an efficient way to keep our divers safe and comfortable while working subsea.

• Diving Services
• Cofferdam Solutions
• Periodic Survey-IMR
• Thruster Replacement
• Cathodic Protection Retrofit

Visiting address: Hasseloy Subsea Centre Lothevegen 2, N - 5523 Haugesund, Norway Postal address: P.O. Box 4096, NO - 5506 Haugesund
+47 52 72 83 66
+47 52 72 33 29