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Ovako is a leading European producer of engineering steel for customers all around the globe in the mining and construction, bearing, transportation and manufacturing industries.Engineering steels used in mining applications and construction projects are subjected to forces that change over time in a repetitive fashion. While these stresses do not necessarily cause plastic deformation, they have been shown to negatively affect the reliability of conventional steels by significantly affecting fatigue.

Improved fatigue properties in steels using BQ-Steel® and IQ-steel®

In response to its customers’ performance demands, Ovako has further developed its attribute brands BQ-Steel and IQ-Steel as part of the company’s attribute brands program. Each production step is controlled with a high degree of precision to minimize the content of harmful non-metallic inclusions.

The goal for Ovako is to provide steels with superior fatigue strength. Ovako works closely with customers to develop these materials, to help the mining and construction industry to implement more sustainable productivity when manufacturing original mining equipment and components for construction applications including:

• All top hammer drill string components, from shank to bit
• Down The Hole (DTH) hammer and bits
• Hydraulic breakers and tools

Processing, crushing and grinding media using WR-Steel®

For processing the rock itself, steels should have greater resistance to abrasion with prolonged surface life and greater work efficiency. Ovako created the first boron steels in the 1960’s and has based its WR-Steel attribute brand grades on this heritage. The wear resistant steels offer superior hardness and consistent composition for rock drilling, grinding media and other solutions along with subsequent quench and temper possibilities.

They are available as:
• Hot-rolled round or flat bar
• Special profiles and tubes
• Grinding media

Ovako total offering includes engineering steel in the form of bars, tubes, rings and pre-components. Ovako is represented in more than 30 countries and has sales offices in Europe, North America and Asia. For further information please visit www.ovako.com




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