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Patria – high tech competence in defence, security and aviation technology

Patria is a trusted provider of defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions. Patria’s most significant export products include the Armoured Modular Vehicle, Patria AMV and Patria Nemo mortar system, which have both been selected by global customers.


Patria is a globally operating defence, security, and aviation group providing customers with competitive solutions based on strong expertise and co-operation with trusted partners. The most significant market areas are the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe, and certain countries in the Middle East. Patria’s strength lies in its excellent products complying with NATO standards.

Originally Patria was established in Finland over 90 years ago starting as a national aircraft manufacturer. Since then Patria has widened its fields of expertise to new grounds of defence technology and services such as armoured wheeled vehicles and system integration.

Patria AMV and Patria Nemo – at the core of modern defence

One of Patria’s most essential export products is the Armoured Modular Vehicle, Patria AMV. With contracts for over 1,500 vehicles. Patria AMV is the undisputed market leader of modern 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicles. Patria AMV is contracted among others by the Finnish, Polish and Swedish Defence Forces, and it has been fielded in ISAF operations since the year 2007.

Patria also produces advanced mortar systems.
The newest product of Patria’s mortar systems is Patria Nemo, which is a 120 mm remote controlled mortar turret, providing indirect and direct fire as well as MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) and direct lay capabilities. As a modern and compact system, Patria Nemo can easily be mounted onto various armoured vehicles, both wheeled (6×6,8×8) as well as tracked ones. Due to its low weight, Patria Nemo is now also adaptable to lightweight, high-speed vessels and can be effectively used for harbour patrolling and protection, coastal guarding and infantry landing operations.

A firm footing in aviation
With a firm footing in aviation, Patria is one of the leading European providers of aviation life-cycle support services. Current operations focus on the life-cycle support of F-18 Hornet jet fighters, Hawk training jets, and NH90 transport helicopters. In military pilot training, Patria has reached excellent results in the elementary pilot training under contract for the Finnish Air Force (phase I – II training for conscripts, cadets and flight instructors). Patria also operates in the civilian sector specializing in professional pilot training. Patria Pilot Training is a leading Flight Training Organisation (FTO) in Northern Europe.

System integration know-how
Today’s defence systems are large entities that are comprised of several subsystems. Patria’s solid system integration know-how ensures that the entire system functions faultlessly. Areas of special expertise are intelligence, surveillance and command and control systems, as well as their integration, software and life-cycle support. Patria’s system integration know-how has been developed for decades to meet the needs of the increasingly complex systems used by customers.

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