PHOTONIS Netherlands B.V.


We design and manufacture innovative photo-sensors for detection, imaging and amplification of low light, as well as electron and ion sensors for the transport and identification of ions, electrons, neutrons, UV Photons, Gamma Rays and Soft X-Rays.

The new image intensifier tube INTENS™ is the only product on the market in accordance with the new night vision standard 4G NIGHT VISION.

We offer a wide variety of digital imaging products with high resolution, high frame rates, and low light capabilities, which can be paired with a number of interfaces and options to provide a superior low-light or day-through-night imaging solution.

We design and manufacture Neutron and Gamma detectors for extreme environments.

We provide state-of-the-art Microchannel Plates (MCP) for a number of other successful space missions including the Hubble telescope, MAVEN SCOUT spacecraft and many others.

We manufacture power tubes, gridded power tubes, tetrodes, vacuum electron tubes and triodes for use in defense, communications, broadcast, research and other applications.


Dwazziewegen 2, 9301 ZR Roden, The Netherlands
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