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NEW! Pretec Dynamic Rock Bolt

The recently developed Pretec
Dynamic Rock Bolt is an energyabsorbing bolt that satisfies current demands for bolts in environments where there are significant rock stresses.

The bolt has an efficient design with an end anchor comprising an R22 thread and a rolled M24 for installing washer and nut. The mid-section is smooth. The smooth surface makes it possible for the smooth section to move unhindered and thereby be fully activated when loaded.

Pretec Dynamic Rock Bolt’s energyabsorbing capacity has been assessed in dynamic tests performed at Canmet Mining in Canada. Both the threaded and the smooth sections were loaded dynamically with good results.

The bolt can be supplied with an optional, expandable anchor wedge that provides the potential to preload the bolt slightly before the cement paste hardens.


  • Deal for environments where there are demandsfor significant deformation
  • R22 thread provides good anchoring capacity at shallow embedment depths
  • Competitive price

Pc-Bolt R27/12 G4



  • Grouting performance is highly effective
  • Coated with duplex system Pc-CoatTM
  • Professionally packaged on pallet with a view to further work
  • Simple, quick installation in borehole due to the slim body
Pc-Bolt R27/12 G4 is a new combination bolt for the Swedish market. It will replace the existing 25 mm rebar.

The Pc-Bolt is mounted in the rock with an expansion sleeve as a temporary anchor. After this, the bolt is cast in place to achieve a

permanent anchor. The fact that the installation procedure takes place in two stages is the key to more efficient tunnel construction.

The bolt is naturally supplied with Pc-Coat™ – a duplex system for corrosion protection.

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