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extensive experience of the mining and quarrying industry




Prorok is a knowledge-based company with extensive experience of the mining and quarrying industry. We provide consulting services, geostatistical studies and calculations of ore reserves. The development strategy is built on a comprehensive view of geology, mining and production planning. 

ProrokProrok has developed a wide range of modules for information handling, calculation and analysis linked to graphical presentation, as well as modules for production planning and simulation.

Prorok software systems support exploration projects, underground and open pit operations. The software delivers efficiency and accuracy through ease-of-use, powerful 3-D graphics and includes comprehensive tools for drillhole data management, geological modelling, block modelling, mine design, mine planning, resource estimation and underground room mapping. Production planning modules include short- and midterm planning for estimation of production resources. This gives a complete overview and the possibility to optimize production sequences. A logical operation simplifies extensive and interactive work with data from different disciplines.

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