Protan AS



The foundations for Protan’s business were laid between
the wars and the production of ventilation systems started back in 1949.

We were the first in Europe to manufacture flexible ventilation ducts and over the years we have built up extensive know-how and broad-based experience, from which our customers benefit.

We now supply several hundred kilometres of ventilation ducts a year. Our qualities offer outstanding durability, flexibility and low weight.

The long service life of our ventilation ducts means that some of our customers re-use them extensively. Ventiflex qualities are flame retardant, resistant to chemicals, quick and easy to install and maintenance free.

Protan AS is approved and certified in accordance to the ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard.


This means that the entire production chain and every aspect of our business are quality controlled and operated with as little environmental impact a possible – both locally and globally

We also have the necessary certificates for supplying goods and services globally.

Lifecycle analyses demonstrate that our fabric is a very environmentally friendly product that can be recycled.

Protan AS
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