RENK AG/GearConsult AS

GearConsult AS is proud to represent RENK AG in Norway.

RENK AG is a leading manufacturer of propulsion components with more than
140 years of experience.


Gear Units:
For the shipping market RENK manufacture gear units for merchant and supply vessels, LPG/LNG tankers and ferries. These include single and double marine gearboxes as well as their more special tunnel gear box to meet the needs of all customers and applications.


MARHY® – Maritime Hybrid Drive

MARHY® is a redundant propulsion system for ships, driven by a slow speed diesel engine that combines the PSC and Tunnel Gearbox.
MARHY® is used for economical and environmentally friendly propulsion for slow steaming and maneuvering, allowing for Power-Take-Home (PTH), Power-Take-Off (PTO) and Power-Take-In (PTI/ Booster) features.

Main components of the MARHY® package: RENK Propeller Shaft Clutch (PSC), RENK tunnel gearbox, Highly flexible couplings, Electric package including: Electrical motor/generator and Frequency converter with harmonic filters and digital control & monitoring system.

Propeller shaft disconnecting devices – for two-stroke applications
For propeller shaft disconnection in two-stroke applications RENK has developed the automated PSC (Propeller Shaft Clutch) as well as the manual KAZ.
• In a twin screw vessel, disconnecting one of the main engines allows the idling propeller to windmill in order to reduce the drag and thereby the fuel consumption. In addition it allows for ME-service in transit.
• In a single screw vessel, disconnecting the main engine in case of a ME break down allows for a power take home solution, if a shaft generator/motor is present.


Slide Bearings
RENK produce slide bearings for applications such as electrical motors, generators, pumps and marine propulsion. RENKs E-type bearings are widely used and for more than a decade RENK has been the world market leader in slide bearings for electrical machinery. For marine propulsion RENK can offer thrust bearings and shaft line bearings in various executions.

RENK can offer couplings for all areas of industry. With the most comprehensive lineup in the world they can supply the ideal product for even the most challenging applications. For the marine market their Curved Tooth couplings and Raflex ® couplings are most widely used.



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