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Saab TransponderTech

Pioneering Leadership in AIS Technology

  • More than 16 years continuous development of products and systems for the maritime domain
  • 25000 AIS CLASS A Transponder systems delivered
  • 2500 AIS Base Stations delivered to over 60 countries
  • Major supplier of Airborne AIS Transponders
  • Unique secure AIS solutions – encrypted AIS for qualified operators
  • Global sales and service network
  • National AIS network systems
  • Advanced VTS/VTMIS solutions for traffic monitoring and control
  • Coastal surveillance solutions including EEZ coverage


The R5 Product Rang

An Overview

  • R5 AIS products featuring fifth-generation AIS radio
  • Software Defined Radio technology giving new possibilities (next-generation Secure/Warship, e-navigation, etc.)
  • R5 SOLID – Compact Inland AIS approved one box solution
  • R5 SUPREME – Black box Class A AIS using networked MKD (R5 CDU ) with options for multiple displays or fully redundant Hot standby installations
  • Service friendly with USB port for updates and configuration storage 
  • R5 NAV products with R5 CDU compatible R5 Navigation sensor
  • Top of the line 10Hz DGPS with support for combined GLONASS, BeiDou and GALILEO operation
  • Integrated Junction Box with dual network ports and 1PPS output
  • Web server with status and full configuration capability
  • Options for multi frequency GNSS, RTK and L-Band Services


Saab AB (publ) TransponderTech
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