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High Flyers from Denmark – Satcom1 

Satellite communications plays an extraordinary role in the global telecommunications system. The Satcom1, Vallensbæk-based (Denmark) company has established itself as a reliable one-service provider for aircraft communications systems, delivering satellite solutions and services anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Danish high flyers, innovative and reliable offices in the sky are not a vision but reality.

The skies above Europe are busier than ever, and pilots face growing pressure as they navigate through congested airspace. To make rapid decisions, they need real-time access to satellite and air traffic data.

Satcom1 is a reference company in this challenging market that continuously sets benchmarks.

Satcom1 was founded in 2003 by three former engineers who had worked at a Danish satellite development company. In 1997, the first aero M system was launched by Inmarsat – a milestone and the birth of satellite communication on board – and Satcom1 was appointed as a service provider for it.

“This was the moment we saw a big change coming,” says Karina Bergstrøm Larsen, Member of the Board and one of the company’s founders. “We saw the challenge to do configurations on aircraft and the need for installation services. It was a great asset that we all have engineering backgrounds as we needed a network able to manage all channels, provide services and solutions to the cabin, cockpit and for VIPs, government and military clients.”

Satcom1 mastered all those challenges. In 2005, the company developed AvioIP software suite managing the network on an aircraft.

This solution guarantees stability and reliability, and enables services such as enhanced Internet access, email, video conferencing and smartphone usage. It opens the door to reliable offices in the sky.

Satcom1 has continued growing ever since. The company has doubled its turnover in the last four years, has a subsidiary near Paris and works for a broad customer base with VIPs, large corporations, and institutions such as coast guards and national air force departments.

“We started focusing on government and privately owned aircraft and operated as a niche player for the very high-end sector of the market” states Ms. Bergstrøm Larsen. “In 2010, we introduced a brand-new software version that opened up new opportunities. In a next step, we integrated security aspects into the software and were the first to offer video conferences on board.

We know exactly which system is the best for which aircraft and what kind of client.The last two years were dominated by streaming solutions and the combining of channels. It is very important to stay focused. While many competitors diversified their product portfolio, we always concentrated on a service portfolio that primarily matches our clients’ needs.

Luckily, we have a team of world-class employees who work very hard. This has always set us apart from the market.
They are working on several promising projects that are soon ready for take-off” – Ms. Larsen concludes.


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