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ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkey
ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkey
ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkey
ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkey
ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkey
ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkey

Your outfitting partner!


ScanMarine Group of Sweden, turnkeyON TIME, ON BOARD, ON BUDGET!
ScanMarine is an exclusive interior and outfitting turnkey contractor for the worldwide marine and offshore industry. We are ready to meet the challenges of newbuilding, conversion and refurbishment contracts for all types of vessels and oil rig quarters whilst paying as much attention to minor assignments as to larger projects.
We meet not only quality, technical and cost requirements, but we also offer innovation, reliability and experience, and last but not least, skills of turn-key services. Specializing in interiors, our well-experienced craftsmen manufacturing custom made joinery, fittings and furniture, have given ScanMarine an excellent reputation for customer service, quality and reliability. We are flexible, and offer standard products and services, as well as special made solutions and products fulfilling our customer’s individual wishes.

With reference to ScanMarine´s background as a well known turn-key contractor we assure that only high quality suppliers are engaged in order to build interiors with the highest of standards, at the most economical
prices and always delivered on time. ScanMarine was formed in the 1980´s by members from the Swedish shipyards, such as Kockums, Öresundsvarvet and Götaverken-Arendal.

Full turnkey
We are proud of being able to offer a full turnkey package from the first conceptual ideas, design, planning and complete drawing phases, material and procurement, to manufacturing, project management and finally, approved installation.
ScanMarine is able to handle all different outfitting disciplines: insulation, piping, ventilation, electrical works, and interior such as; bulkhead/ceiling panels, doors, toilets, furniture, floor coverings, manuals, spare parts – all to a full turnkey installation. All our products and installations are designed and manufactured according to the
customer’s specifications.

Engineering & documentation
ScanMarine’s staff employees are responsible for the project documentation, including AutoCAD drawings. We are experts on planning and coordination between all technical systems, and integration of these to the interior.

Project management and coordination
Our project managers have long experience of leading projects with extremely short delivery time, therefore we are specialized on effective coordination of works on board.

Starting from the naked hull ScanMarine has the knowhow to carry out all kinds of insulation works, which are complying fully with fire-and thermal regulations.

ScanMarine is a competent partner in piping works. From developing complex piping schemes at the drawing table to complete working installations on site for all different piping systems.

ScanMarine ventilation package preferably comes with the turn-key package assuring that the ventilation system is fully integrated in the design concept.

Electrical installations
ScanMarine takes care of all necessary electrical installations from power distribution boards onwards to the fully enlighten interior.

When it’s matter of sophisticated tailor-made interiors, ScanMarine has a network of interior designers and entrepreneurs who can accomplish almost anything you might ask for.

Visual turnkey or limited services
ScanMarine can carry out both minor and major newbuilding, conversion and refurbishment contracts for all type of vessels and offshore living quarters.

In addition to the full turnkey concept for newbuildings and refurbishment projects we are flexible and ready to adapt to the client’s needs for a certain project. Thereby we are for example prepared to make partial refits, deliver materials or consultancy services. No assignment or role for a certain project is too small to us!

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