Schmitt Anchors and Chaincables BV


With a history dating back to 1862, SCHMITT ANCHORS & CHAINCABLES has
developed into a world-wide supplier of a full range of anchors and chaincables.
This experience makes Schmitt your perfect partner.


Tons of experience.

In more than 150 years Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables has developed into a world-wide supplier of full range anchors and chaincables. It is not limited to the delivery of the products, Schmitt also offers the customer a number additional of services like installation on to vessels, doing repairs and taking care of the transportation. “In a must-have area we are the perfect one-stop shop,” says Xander Scheffel, General Manager of the Rotterdamheadquartered business.

“No mountain too high and no ocean to deep” according to Scheffel, a beautiful example is chain we forwarded to Dubai a while ago. It went by plane, weighed 90 tons and cost about 140.000 dollars. Lots and lots of money but if it was shipped it would have taken 12 till 14 days and would have just taken too long. The ship couldn’t wait for that amount of time.

Place and Scale

Schmitt is located in the middle of Rotterdam Port area with own quay facilities. From here they serve other ports such as Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent. The company maintains a stock of more than 12.000 tons of anchors, chaincables and appliances, all types and sizes. The stock contains chaincables with a diameter from 16 up to 127mm, along with the corresponding accessories and anchors. This impressive stock is one of the biggest strengths of the company because orders can be processed and despatched in a short amount of time.

“Even though we have gone all over the world with our products, our main market is still Europe because, for some companies delivery time is very crucial and we can’t always deliver that fast in all parts of the world, due to transportation cost or limitations.”

Certified reputation

Schmitt is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and is also the designer and fabricator of the SHH-, SHI- en SSHP- anchors, these can be recognized through the holes in the flukes, which make them unique. The materials are in general equipped with LRS-, DNVGL- or ABS- certificate.

The quality and the reputation are underlined by global classification, including those from DNVGL, ABS, Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s Register. For example Schmitt happens to be one of the few, if not only company, that can weld M+F anchor swivels under LRS approval.

One of the things that helped Schmitt to make a name for itself is “speed”. Enquiries are answered within just a couple of hours. Most of the orders are processed and dispatched the same day. Of course depending on the requirements of the customer. Xander Scheffel called Schmitt “A flexible and efficient team that can respond and act at any moment.”

The ambition and how to do it?

The ambition of Schmitt Anchors & Chaincables is to make ourselves known worldwide, even more. In the end they have the assets, stock and quality to meet the demands of the customers. Schmitt wants to do this by digitalizing the whole company. What does this mean? This means that they are going to show their stock online 24/7. Whenever a vessel loses its anchor, even in the middle of the night, they can check for a new one right away. Of course time and price are crucial. Digitalizing a company like Schmitt is keeping up with our customer demand and serving our clients as best as we can.

Kreekweg 10, Zwijndrecht, P.O. Box 5500, 3008 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands
+31 88 0 234 100