Seacon Precision Subsea AS

Speed and Precision


SEACON Precision Subsea is a Norwegian company part of the SEACON group and fully Owned by TE Connectivity. We provide engineering, design, Customer specified development work, testing, production, Refurbishment and service. Support within our expertise area subsea optical and electrical distribution systems.

We have 22 employees working at new office and workshop facilities in Notodden. The facilities have been configured to support development and production of SEACON products to known specifications such as TR2390 and ISO 13628-6.

We integrate state of the art SEACON and 3rd party connectors into three major product categories:

– Optical and electrical umbilical terminations with on-site termination service for EPC Company and Umbilical   customers

– Optical and electrical jumpers for distributing signals on subsea distribution networks for EPC Company and Umbilical customers

– Hermetically sealed electrical sensor harnesses for connecting sensors to the subsea distribution network For EPC Company and Umbilical customers

– Structure’s for Subsea distribution systems with integrated junction boxes, Fiber optical and Electrical connectors For EPC Company and Umbilical customers.


Merdeveien 1, NO-3676 Notodden
+47 35 01 98 11