Senmatic A/S

Senmatic A/S has more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing sensor technology to the marine sector. The sensor technology solutions provided by Senmatic are comprehensive and consist of  a wide range of temperature sensors, humidity sensors and CO2 & O2 sensors. A major part of the products provided are customised solutions – developed in close corporation with our customers.

Senmatic A/S offers a wide range of products within the following strategic business areas:

Senmatic6Reefer Container Industry:
Complete programme for temperature sensors, humidity sensors, CO2/O2 sensors for refrigerated transport.

Marine Engine Industry:
Customised solutions for temperature sensors for measurement of exhaust gas temperature, cooling water, lubrication oil, fuel oil, scavenge air and bearing temperature.

HVAC Industry:
Temperature and humidity sensors for HVAC installations in offshore as well as marine installations.

Oil & Gas Industry:
Highly specialised multispot temperature sensors for measurement in oil & gas in hazardous environments. Special water level sensors for accurate tank gauging in oil and gas tanks. The product range is fully certified according to Atex / Ex standards. Full product range for LNG terminal temperature sensors. Temperature range from -196°C to +250°C. Fully traceable laboratory with calibration range from -196°C to +1600°C.

Power Generation Industry:
A wide range of temperature sensors for power plants, wind turbines, geothermal plants.

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