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Tactical-Grade Gyro and Inertial Measurement Units
Sensonor is an established leader in MEMS technology, designing and manufacturing advanced, inertia sensors for high-precision applications. It offers a range of ITAR-free gyro sensors, gyro modules and inertia measurement units (IMUs), and has served a demanding global customer base for more than 30 years. Sensonor operates its own silicon wafer fab for sensor production.

Gyro Sensors:
The STIM series of high precision gyro modules are suitable for pointing and stabilising, flight control, and guidance applications.

The STIM series gyros are often used to replace the larger and heavier fibre-optic gyro (FOG) sensors, especially when size, weight, cost and reliability are critical for the application.

  • Stabilising remote weapon stations (RWS)
  • Stabilising various turrets on land at sea or in air
  • Mortar alignment system
  • Stabilising target acquisition systems
  • Missile launcher systems
  • Satellite pointing and payload adjustments


Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs):
STIM300 is an Inertial Measurement Unit suitable for various commercial and military guidance and navigation applications.

The IMU is based on the gyro core used in the STIM gyro module, first introduced in 2009, with three high-performance accelerometers and three high accuracy inclinometers. IMUs can be configured by the customer, and are available in different accelerometer and gyro ranges.

  • Point-stabilised remote weapon stations
  • Multi-beam underwater scanning sonars
  • Airborne and vehicle born 3D LIDAR and radar scanning systems
  • Automatic landing systems for UAVs
  • Short-term navigations during
  • GPS-denied conditions
  • Low orbit observation and communication satellites



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