Shaw Almex Europe

Shaw Almex Industries Limited

  • Established 1962, now worldwide multi‐national
  • 4 Manufacturing facilities in: Canada, India, China, Brazil
  • 10,000 presses sold worldwide
  • Preferred or recommended supplier for many belt manufacturers: Goodyear, Bando, Yokohama etc.
  • 90% of all presses in North and South America,
  • Australia and Africa are ALMEX

Global Support

  • Industry leader for over 50 years
  • Privately held Canadian multi-national corporation
  • Operations on six continents
  • Install base of over 120 countries
  • Suppliers to world’s largest corporations:
  • FMI, VALE, CODELCO, BHP Billiton, Rio tinto, Los Pelambres, Barrick Gold

Conveyor belts are expensive and crucial assets in any bulk handling
operation. If the splice fails, the belt fails and can result in tremendous
cost as result of down time.

Vulcanizers: All types, for all needs

  • RAB
  • Two-piece
  • Sectional
  • Edge repair
  • Spot repair
  • Associated equipment

Sectional Vulcanizers

  • Many different sizes
  • 100 or 200 PSI
  • Lightweight
  • Uniform Pressure
  • Uniform Temperature
  • Datalogging controls
Edge Repair Vulcanizers

  • Many different sizes
  • 100 or 200 PSI
  • For all belt widths

RAB Frame Vulcanizers
Customized and rugged, these two-piece frame
presses offer simplified assembly, reducing set-up
time. Frame presses are well-suited for large, open
sites. Use RAB And AB for on-site splice stations or
where overhead cranes are available.

De Bolder 52, 9206 AR Drachten, The Netherlands
+31 512 510 466