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Technology for a better society
SINTEF is an independent, not-for-profit research institute. Technology for a better society is our vision. We deliver high-quality science and contribute to innovation, value creation and increased competitiveness within the private and public sectors. We offer a large, multidisciplinary and international research community and develop solutions to some of society’s grand challenges.

Tunnel and Underground Technology – An important enabling technology
SINTEF Building and Infrastructure solve challenges linked to the entire building and construction process. Within tunneling and underground work we develop new and improved solutions for construction and increased utilization. We assist in realizing and following-up of road and railway tunnels, mines and quarries, water power plants, oil- and gas storages, sports halls and other underground structures. Our expertise within rock mechanics, geotechnics, engineering and resource geology is applicable in the planning and execution of all kinds of constructions in and of rock.
Safe, sustainable and economical mining and tunneling solutions
SINTEFs goal is to contribute to safe, sustainable and cost efficient solutions for existing and new facilities and mining operations above or below ground. Based on our research projects portfolio we possess special competence within:

• Rock stress measurements, numerical modelling and monitoring of stability
For more than 50 years SINTEF has performed rock stress measurements in Norway and abroad in close  co-operation with the Norwegian university of science and technology (NTNU). We have improved the measuring techniques and equipment for 2D “Doorstopper” overcoring, 3D overcoring and hydraulic fracturing. Combining laboratory testing and field observations with numerical modelling and stability monitoring enables us to optimize excavation methods in mines and layout of caverns and tunnels.

• Water and frost protection, rock mass grouting and rock support with shotcrete and re-inforcement.
Within the ongoing competence building project TIGHT – True Improvement in Grouting High pressure Technology for tunneling, the research and cooperation is directed towards development of improved understanding of the mechanism of grout flow in rock mass. Through such knowledge new solutions will be developed that will reduce time and cost for rock mass grouting of caverns and tunnels arising improved foreseeability for all parties involved. In our dedicated laboratory SINTEF is capable of recreate the thermodynamic interaction of tunnels, frost protection methods and the rock mass.

• TBM – technology
SINTEF has contributed in development of revolutionary steel qualities with longer service life and better performance than present cutters, e.g. within the newly finalized innovation project FAST-Tunn – Feature Advanced Steel Technology for Tunnelling. Together with NTNU we have also developed several methods for drillability and a new and promising test method “Rolling Indentation Abrasion Test” (RIAT), which all gives a measure for the rock resistance towards TBM penetration.

• Sustainable resource utilization and energy efficiency
Major cities world-wide are facing a lack of aggregates for the construction and building of infrastructure whilst increased use of underground space take place. In a new research project SINTEF will together with our collaborators focus specifically on better ways of local utilization of excavated material and alternative use of surplus material from tunneling and other infrastructure projects. Through the initiative Power Road, solution for both energy efficiency and energy production is sought in research cooperation with industry and public authorities.




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