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SKF_Coupling_Systems_ABReliable oil injection method
Mounting and dismounting of heavy marine components are simplified by the SKF oil injection method. Precision products like OK shaft and flange couplings, Supergrip bolts and marine hydraulic nuts are based on this technology reducing operations that took hours or even days to a few, rapidly performed steps.

Over the life a ship, the savings from the SKF oil injection method are quite substantial in terms of reduced docking time and related costs.

OK shaft and flange couplings
When using the OK coupling in shaft connections, you exploit potent oil injection technology. Preparation of the shaft is simple. No keyways to machine, no taper and no thrust rings. Ease of mounting and dismounting combined with high torque capacity are characteristics of the SKF OK couplings.

The new OKX shaft and flange couplings for high-torque transmissions
The OKX coupling facilitates new creative solutions in the shaft line. Since the torque capacity is some 50 % higher, the coupling can withstand heavy shock forces and fast rotation switches. It is therefore possible to take advantage of the time-saving, oil injection method in transmissions where it previously was difficult, for instance, in large heavily loaded shafts.

Marine hydraulic nut
The SKF oil injection method is an outstanding alternative for mounting and dismounting propellers. It enables the driving of a 50-ton propeller up the shaft in twenty minutes and to dismount the propeller in ten minutes. The propeller is hydraulically pressed onto tapered seating by a hydraulic ring or nut. This is also the preferred method for mounting components like rudder pintles and tillers when short service time is a requirement.

Supergrip bolts
Supergrip bolts are a superior solution for connecting flange couplings. Compared with traditional bolt systems, Supergrip bolts are much faster and easier to install and remove, take much less time, while fastening the coupling halves much more securely together. Supergrip bolts are designed specifically for such high-torque applications as propeller shaft and rudder assemblies. Using Supergrip eliminates uncertainty about the length of downtime for removing and installing the bolts.

Fully marine approved
SKF precision-made products and systems are installed in a wide range of marine vessels all over the world. The products are approved for use by all leading international and national classification societies and regulatory bodies.

SKF technology quality and service
Since we developed the oil injection method, we have carried the technology even further. Today, we continue to improve marine products saving time and money for carriers around the world. Thanks to SKF’s global sales and service network, you can always find us in your local market.

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