Sohome AS


Sohome is one of the major vendors of IT Infrastructure for vessels and oil rigs sing its brand name Bergen Cabling.

Sohome delivers everything you need for the communications network on board the vessel. We have developed a cabling system that
we believe is the best in the market today!

Our cables are versatile and may be used for a number of applications:

• Structured cabling
• Telecommunications
• Entertainment

For existing networks on Cat6a/Cat7 the maximum speed today is 10 Gbit. With Sohome’s innovative hybrid cable with both copper and fiber you can use 100 Gbit over the fibers without the need to dock the vessel for upgrade. It’s cost saving and effective!
We deliver a wide range of special products including a fibre optic hook-up solution for use between oil rigs and/ or vessels to extend the existing network. This solution uses heavy duty titan connectors for fast and reliable connections in challenging environments.

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Sandviksboder 77 C, NO-5035 Bergen
+47 5531 2700
+47 55 31 27 01