Stjørdal Fagskole

Stjørdal Fagskole

Stjørdal Technical College
was established in 1968, and cooperates with the Ole Vig secondary school in Stjørdal. Centrally located in the town that has traditionally been Nord-Trøndelag’s industrial centre, the technical college is a natural hub for technical education and skills training in the district.

Stjørdal Technical College is located close to Trondheim, NTNU, and Trondheim Airport in Værnes. The collage is also easily accessible by road and train northward, southward and eastward to Sweden.

Stjørdal Technical College employs highly qualified specialists in both technical and general subjects. Employees include, among others, engineers, civil engineers, and staff with doctorates.

The college offers programmes of study that build on secondary education for a duration of up to two years on a full time basis. This is a middle management training programme for those who have completed an apprenticeship or significant relevant professional experience.

Stjørdal technical college offers two different majors with specialized courses:
Building and construction, with specialized courses in construction, building- and mineral engineering.

Technology and industrial production with specialized courses in mechanical engineering, machine operation and maintenance, and mechatronics.

The programmes of study are also available on a part time basis, which means they can be taken while you are in full time employment.

From autumn 2013, mineral resources engineering will also be available to study part time at Fauske secondary school.

Stjørdal Fagskole
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