TARGETOME is a preclinical-stage bio-pharmaceutical company developing targeted therapies against cancer, focusing on therapies with unmet medical needs, such as pancreatic cancer, or liver metastases, and providing services in biomarker discovery and validation.

Incidence of Cancer is high in developed countries, with an estimated 12.7 million new cancer cases diagnosed each year. Although the prevalence of cancer is increasing, its mortality is steadily decreasing with the arrival of more efficient therapies. However, some cancers, such as pancreatic cancer or liver metastases are still lacking efficient treatments and mortality remain high (only 5% survival after 5 years for pancreatic cancer)

The majority of pharmacological approaches for the treatment of solid tumors suffer from poor selectivity, thus limiting dose escalation (i.e., the doses of drug which are required to kill tumor cells cause unacceptable toxicities to normal tissues).
One avenue towards the development of more efficacious and better tolerated anti-cancer drugs relies on the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to the tumor environment, thus sparing normal tissues.

The core technology of Targetome is based on the use of a patented technology that accelerates significantly and effectively the identification of protein biomarkers that have a high potential to be targetable due to the fact that they are discovered based on their accessibility.

TARGETOME’s DISCOVERY PLATFORM is tuned to isolate accessible cell surface proteins, a subset of potential markers particularly suitable for in-vivo diagnostic and targeted therapies.


Fig 1: The principle of Protein detection using Targetome’s patented platform

Targetome has already discovered and patented half a dozen of biomarkers, and is actively developing its first therapeutic products against pancreatic tumors and liver metastases.

The long term goal of the company is to develop targeted therapies against unmet medical needs such as pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, liver metastases…

Targetome is also offering its biomarker discovery and validation platform as a service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our platform is based on a patented biomarker discovery technology, targeting “surface accessible” protein biomarkers using proprietary protein tagging techniques, along with mass spectrometry identification and cross-reactivity/specificity validation on FDA’s “critical tissues”.

The services are offered as a “fee for service” partnership, where Targetome will analyze tissues to find specific biomarkers and validate them using an array of techniques ranging from antibody generation to FACS, IHC or functional assays.

Using this approach, we are able to select novel and highly specific biomarkers, for developing targeted therapies, use in diagnostic, to monitor the efficiency of a treatment or its match with the disease (“companion diagnostic”), detect drug-associated toxicity, or develop new “surrogate endpoints” for clinical trials. The pathologies that can be tackled with our technology are very wide: cancers, metabolic diseases, inflammatory, neurology….

Targetome has completed in 2013 a “Round A” of capital, completed by 1.2M€ of research grants, needed in order to complete preclinical trials.

Targetome plans to further develop the four most promising drugs through preclinical testing, and prioritize the drug candidates for further clinical studies. A process most likely completed in the next three years. We will soon be open for discussions with pharmaceutical companies to negotiate outlicensing/co-development deals.

A “Round B” has been planned for 2015, in the order of 5 millions €, to push the drug candidates through clinical trials phase I.

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