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TSS International BV specialises in keeping special purpose vehicles moving. Often, these vehicles are armoured conversions of commercial vehicles. These include SUV’s such as the Toyota LandCruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes G-class, LR Range Rover and Chevrolet Suburban. Limousines served include the Mercedes S-class, Audi A8, BMW 7-series, Hyundai Equus, Bentley Mulsanne and many more. In addition to these passenger vehicles, TSS also has solutions for various truck applications, such as Riot Control, Military, Off-Road, High Value Transportation (or CIT) and Utilities.

As these vehicles and their passengers often operate in increasingly dangerous areas, their mobility becomes all the more important. Therefore, a reliable package of mobility and safety products is essential. Runflat inserts, heavy duty wheels and brakes, explosion suppressant & self-sealing fuel tanks, two-way intercoms and car- bomb detectors are all part of the product line-up which enables uninterrupted mobility under the toughest of circumstances. For those vehicles that need to go off-road, TSS can even provide a Central Tyre Inflation System, which, at the touch of a button, allows for optimal tyre pressure in varying road conditions.

As TSS believes in proven quality, it also regularly tests certain products at the German institute TüV, well known all over the world for its automotive testing standards and facilities.

Keeping a close eye on the developments on the market, and therefore customer requirements, TSS was one of the first to recognise and act on the need for heavy duty wheels. These aftermarket alloy wheels are available in 18” and 20” and have a payload of 1800kg and 1600kg, respectively. Working closely together with American runflat manufacturer Rodgard and German brake manufacturer MOV’IT,

TSS can offer a complete package of Heavy Duty Wheels (including runflat) and an upgraded brake system, which can safely and reliably handle the extra weight of an armoured vehicle. TSS’ latest collaboration with B&G Electronics brings a high-quality vehicle intercom to the European market, allowing for closed-door communication between vehicle occupants and potentially hostile surroundings. Optional emergency lights in the grill can help clear the road when a quick getaway is necessary.

Although most products are heavy duty and therefore also often heavy, TSS does have an innovative solution for fuel tank protection, which can save the weight of armouring a fuel tank. Instead of adding a steel casing

around the tank, TSS can treat the original tank in such a way that it becomes self-sealing, flame retardant and if required, explosion suppressant, while adding only a fraction of the weight of armour.

TSS is proud to be able to work closely with renowned manufacturers and OEM’s world-wide, to make a contribution to the vehicle safety of police forces, armies, NGO’s, government officials, Cash in Transit companies, VIP’s, aid workers and civilians alike.

Curious about the Armour Mobility Essentials? TSS International’s team is happy to discuss the possibilities for your requirements.


Our Armour Mobility Brands are:
Rodgard Runflats – MOV’IT Heavy Duty Brakes – TSS ProtecTank – TSS Heavy Duty Wheels
CarVox Intercoms – Téléflow CTIS

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