VIGO System S.A.

VIGO System is a world leader in the production of uncooled, infrared photon HgCdTe (MCT) detectors, accompanying electronics and thermographic cameras.  Our devices feature the highest sensitivity along with unrivalled speed of response at a very wide spectral range.

Apart from the hundreds of standard products in our portfolio, we are open to manufacture any custom device tailored to the customer’s specific requirement in single or volume quantity. VIGO engineers would be happy to offer their extended expertise and technical knowledge in the IR systems design field. Our products are widely used in security, military technology, industry, space applications, medicine, transport and environmental protection areas all over the world.


VIGO System also offers thermographic cameras with uncooled or cooled infrared detector arrays. Uncooled lightweight microbolometric modules can be utilized e.g. in periscopes, soldier’s viewfinders or UAVs for near filed observations. For the highest sensitivity Stirling cooled cameras are used e.g. in turrets or tanks for searching and tracking drones or for far battlefield observation.


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