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Vik Ørsta Rock support is one of Vik Ørsta´s main business areas, and comprises equipment for the stabilization of rock in tunnels and shears. With more than 30 years of experience in this market we have amassed considerable expertise and are currently the market leader in Scandinavia. Vik Ørsta also operates in the areas of lighting columns, traffic safety and marinas. CombiCoat® is our contribution to extending the lifetime of steel that is exposed to extreme conditions. CombiCoat® is a combination of two different surface treatments, hot dip galvanization and powder coating.

CT-Bolt®- The optimal solution for rock support

The advantages of the CT-Bolt®:
• Combines the benefits of immediate point anchor support and a post groutable fixture • The polypropylene sleeve seals the bolt against corrosion when grouted • Long term support for fully mechanized or hand installation
Vik Ørsta Quickly installed, easily grouted
The CT-Bolt® is in many ways a typical combination mechanical bolt, installed as a temporary rock support and later grouted to become permanent. But there are important differences. It’s quick and easy to install, simple to grout even with varying consistency and the polypropylene sleeve seals the bolt against corrosion.

The bolt can be installed manually or fully mechanised with rock bolters, which have been developed for the CT-Bolt®.

Special hemispherical dome
The CT-Bolt® has a special hemispherical dome at the end, which serves both to hold the rock loading on the plate and as a grouting chamber. The grout is pumped into the hemispherical dome and flows through the polypropylene sleeve. At the end of the bolt, the grout flows out of the sleeve and spreads back between the sleeve and the rock.

Unique corrosion protection
When the bolt is grouted, it can take loads along its full length as well as at the bearing plate. The polypropylene sleeve also seals the bolt against corrosion. The buttons on the sleeve transfer the load from the rock to the bolt and centre the bolt in the borehole.

The CT-Bolt® is anchored with an expansion shell and is prestressed during installation. The load is maintained because the bearing plate needn’t be removed for grouting.

The CT-Bolt® has been specified on projects such as sub-sea tunnels, road and rail tunnels, sewer tunnels and mines all over the world.

Point anchor rock bolt with packer

Unique rock bolt with the benefit of immediate point anchor support and post groutable fixture

* Point anchored for immediate support
* The expansion shell makes grouting safe even with high pressure
* The packer seales the borehole. The air and water is led through the evacuation tube before it is closed.
* Continues grouting until the final pressure is reached, maximum 60 bar.
* The polyepropylene sleeve seals the bolt against corrosion
* The Fin-Bolt is ideal in water-carrying holes

The Fin-Bolt M20 has a yelding load of 170kN after grouting The Fin-Bolt M22 has a yelding load of 290 kN after grouting

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