Visser Leeuwarden

Visser_Leeuwarden3Company history
Visser Leeuwarden was founded in 1910 by Mr Gerben Visser. As Visser Wagenmakerij (Visser Vehicle Construction) the company focused mainly on the production of carriages. When the motorized transportation increased in the Netherlands Visser expanded into building auto buses, ambulances, and stretcher systems. In the fifties and sixties of the 20th century the company specialized increasingly in emergency services vehicles. This specialism has remained until this day. With its own production facilities, as part of the international Ziegler GmbH and as a partner of Ambulanz Mobile, Visser Leeuwarden has a leading and innovative product portfolio.

Visser Leeuwarden understands your needs!
Under the management of our Service Manager our mechanics and chauffeurs develop a maximal operational capacity of your emergency services vehicles. In our equipped garage we execute correct and preventive maintenance to the vehicles. Also, we have the facilities for and the knowledge of remodelling material or patients’ area, built-in communication and accidents analysis systems, built-in laptop slide rails and fitting of air suspension sets.
The last couple of years, most of our clients have chosen for the complete maintenance contract for the basic vehicle and interior. We have partnerships with regional brand dealers for the maintenance on the basic vehicle. These companies are well instructed and therefore capable of executing principal maintenance on the emergency services vehicle. Therefore, your vehicle does not have to go to Leeuwarden for maintenance. However, if assistance from Visser is required, we can make repairs or perform maintenance on site. For urgencies our service department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Do you wish a high availability? Visser Leeuwarden understands your needs!

Visser_Leeuwarden1SWAT Vehicles
Firefighting, teargas and SWAT vehicles (BRATRA and ME) based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or a Volkswagen Crafter. The conversion of Visser Leeuwarden consists of the following main characteristics:

  • Newly developed revolving doors on the left and right side of the vehicle directly behind the b-style. The doors hinge forward and are locked and unlocked by an electronic lock with a control on the dashboard;
  • Roof work plateau: the carrying capacity of the roof is expanded and a work plateau of stainless steel/aluminium is placed on the roof. The plateau is equipped with a foldable railing;
  • Frame grids: on the front window two retractable and easily dismountable frame grids are mounted for the protection of the driver and passengers;
  • Polycarbonate: the entire vehicle is covered with a 6 mm polycarbonate that is connected to the steel of the chassis through a flexible glue connection;
  • Interior: the walls on the inside are covered with waterproof plywood and (sound) insolating material. The closets are made of a combination of aluminium adjusting profiles and veneered plywood. Through the use of these adjusting profiles the closets are freely dividable and can be easily adjusted to a changing kit later on;
  • Floor: the personnel area consists of a highly durable two-component polyurethane spray floor with black rubber anti slip parts. The spray floor is sprayed 5 cm against the sidewall, which makes the vehicle easy to clean.

Visser Leeuwarden is actively involved in the development and construction of a prototype of the armoured wheeled vehicle the Boxer. Stork PWV BV, now Rheinmetall Nederland BV, has been appointed as main contractor for the Dutch part of the project and acts in this capacity as the customer for Visser Leeuwarden. As ‘Associated Partner’ Visser Leeuwarden is involved with the fitting out of the so-called Mission Modules. The vehicle is equipped with a mission-specific module on a standardized basic vehicle depending on the deployment required. Examples are an Ambulance Module, a Cargo Module and a Command&Control Module.
As well as fitting out of the prototype Mission Modules the engineering department of Visser is closely involved with the interior design of these modules. The knowledge that has been gained over the years in Leeuwarden in the field of vehicle ergonomics is an excellent help here. As well as this, Visser Leeuwarden has its own workshop facilities where 3Ddesigns can be translated into hardware very rapidly. These can then be installed in the vehicle and made available for practical tests.

Command Vehicles
Visser Leeuwarden develops and produces client specific commando vehicles. These vehicles are deployed in the case of large calamities and anti terrorist activities. The vehicles are generally developed for a client specific operation.


  • Vehicle independent development and production of the commando space;
  • Integrated communication and information systems, video and network systems;
  • Optimized commando workspaces where 95% of the population can perform its task in a responsible manner. This is achieved through the use of extensive ergonomic analysis during the development phase;
  • A maximal interior space is created by placing all passive component under the vehicle;
  • Reliable energy supplies which delivers sufficient power under all circumstances.
Edisonstraat 16, 8912 AW Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
+31 58 213 4555