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For our customers, the common denominator is that they and their products are at sea all year round, in all waters and in all weathers. With our engines, we power their offshore rigs, OEM-installations, fishing boats, patrol and rescue crafts, ferries, freighters, tugboats and many other types of vessels. Aboard larger vessels, these engines supply power to electrical generators, pumps and cranes.Volvo Penta offer turn key solutions for all power requirements complete with propulsion, auxiliary and power generation engines. Extensive experience in power engineering and collaborations with leading power equipment suppliers enables us to take responsibility for virtually any type of integration needed to optimise power system performance and quality. With Volvo Penta, you are assured that our uncompromising durability and performance standards are built into the project.

The Volvo Penta marine commercial dealer network, with close to 700 authorized dealers worldwide, is constantly being developed to meet your needs and secure the local expertise necessary to keep your business going. Our dealers are not only trained in the latest Volvo Penta technology and repair processes, but also required to comply with our marine commercial dealer operating standards, which were conceived to ensure consistently high-quality service and support. Aligned with Volvo Penta’s core values of quality, safety and environmental care, our dealer operating standards focus on:• Technical competence, including advanced diagnostics
• 24/7 accessibility (Volvo Penta Action Service)
• Field service support
• Excellent parts availability
• Speedy repairs and quick response to customer questionsProduct range
The product range in the Marine Commercial business segment encompasses from 3 to 16 litre engines in the 75 to 551 kW power range.

The unique, type-approved Volvo Penta IPS system improves productivity and performance for operators who value maneuverability, fuel efficiency and on-board comfort. The key to these exceptional qualities lies in the forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers with individually steerable pods under the hull.Volvo Penta IPS is a complete and integrated propulsion system from the helm station to the propellers, which greatly increases quality and reliability. Designed with maneuverability as a key feature, Volvo Penta IPS offers a robust construction and, together with Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control (EVC), provides outstanding performance and safety. The EVC provides full monitoring, protection and diagnostics for both engine and transmission. Volvo Penta IPS has proven itself time and time again for operators all over the world. Please visit for reference cases and stories.

Volvo Penta will offer an IMO III engine range for IPS, inboard, genset, and auxiliary applications. Based on SCR
exhaust aftertreatment technology, our robust solution is designed for tough marine conditions. The system is built to cope with high sulfur fuel and sustain high back pressure, while maintaining engine efficiency and driveability.

The exhaust aftertreatment technology chosen by Volvo Penta is Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR, which ensures high engine power and efficiency while reducing NOx. We are leveraging our knowledge of SCR technology within Volvo Penta and the Volvo Group. Our IMO III solution has been adapted to demanding marine conditions, and tested extensively at our own facilities as well as in commercial customer applications – in total 20,000 hours at the launch in 2018.

IMO III puts a focus on NOx limit, because NOx damages eco systems and poses health hazards. The Volvo Penta SCR solution reduces NOx levels by up to 75%.

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