WaterWall AS established in 2015
Our main goal is to Protect and Save Lives, Values, Reduce the
Damage Scope and Subsequent Costs.

We have taken proven offshore technology onshore, technology used offshore as a heat radiation shield to protect platform when flaring hydrocarbons. Waterwall have improved the technology for onshore use.

Waterwall develop and deliver nozzles for both Passive and Active firefighting. Waterwall delivers both fixed and mobile systems. Waterwall is an active member in Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster.

Fields of application:
Fire protection in tunnels, create escape route and protect Infrastructure in tunnels
Tunnelling and mining industry.
Quarries etc.

House Fires.
Protection of wooden houses in Conservation Districts
Protection of grade II listed buildings.
Protection of World Heritage Cities.
Buildings, densely built wooden houses.

Parking garages.
Outbuildings and barns.
Public buildings, etc.

Forrest Fires.
Protection of buildings and other facilities against Forest fires.

Fire protection of Waste Landfills.
Waste handling and sorting.

Ship industry.
Supply boats.
Oil and Gas tankers.
Chemical tankers.
SAR vessels.

Petrochemical Industry.
Oil & Gas Storage and Terminals.

Waterwall AS delivers services National and Global
Technology: Patent Filed on all nozzles.

Varabergmyra 10, 4051 Sola, Norway
+47 976 83 083