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Firefly orbital welding machine used by Franklin Offshore Europe RDM Quayside Project

Firefly orbital welding machine was selected by Franklin Offshore Europe to carry out welding on a project in Rotterdam during October 2015 to January 2016. The Firefly welding equipment and welding crew where supplied by Welding Company.


Fred Olsen Windcarrier Brave Tern vessel upgrade

Brave Tern was the first of Fred Olsen’s Tern vessels to undergo upgrade work
by Franklin Offshore at their modification yard in Rotterdam.

The upgrade included extending the jacking legs by 14m thus making the legs 92.4m long. The cranes will also be prepared for a boom extension of up to 20m. This will include both an insert piece for the crane boom and an extension of the A-frame.




Outline of the project

The project involved using the Firefly orbital welding machine to carry out the cutting, beveling/prepping and welding of the four leg extensions on the Brave Tern vessel.

Cutting – the standard Firefly track / ring was used for the cutting and welding processes. A specially adapted front end was fitted to the Firefly carriage to allow the fitting of the oxy-acetylene cutting torch.

Prepping / bevelling – special fittings were attached to the Firefly carriage to enable bevelling – an inner 30° bevel attachment and an outer 30° bevel attachment were used.

Alignment – manual alignment using internal jacking system consisting of 4x 300 jacks (up / down) and 4x 150 jacks (hi / lo).

Heat treatment – the Miller Pro Heat 35 heat induction system was used throughout the project.

Welding – was carried out using 4x Firefly welding machines with welders working in a set sequence as set out by the Weld Engineer.

Finished welds – finished welds were inspected by DNV and the client’s welding inspection team.
All UT inspection carried out by a 3rd party.




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